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'Black' Rocks at low water, close to supposed site of Church

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Note 2 has the main information here, from ~1860

Extract from: 
The Dedications of the Churches and Chapels …
By Charles Gibbon Esq.

KINGSTON, united to Ferring (absorbed by the sea; unknown as yet).
That this church or chapel was in existence as late as the second and third of Philip and Mary 1 (1555), the following wills will show.

Johan Stammer, of Kyngston, 22nd Aug. 1546. - " Item, to the chapell of Kyngston, 2 bushels of barley."

Alice Cole, of ditto, 20th May, 1553. - " my body, &c., in Ferring ; item, I give to the poor men's box, 2 of Kyngston, 2d. ; to the reparaçons of the chapell of Kyngston, a bushell of barley."

William Grene, of Kyngston, 26th May, 1553. - " my body, &c., in the churchyard of Ferring ; item, I give and bequeathe to reparaçons of the chappell of Kyngston, 12d; to the poor men's box, 12d."

Thomas Spring, of Kyngston, dated 27th March, 1555. - -" unto the chappell of Kyngston, 12d. ; I will that a priest shall say masse for my sowle, and all christiau sowles, in the chappell of Kyngston, one day in the wyke during the whole year, and he to have for his paynes every day, 4d."

In Register D. (p. 17,) it is stated - " Capella de Kyngston deservitur per Dominum Willielmum capellanum ibidem obedienciam fecit, et exhibet."

1 Mary's reign is reckoned from the 6th the of July, 1563, and so reckoning, she reigned part of two years, down to 24th July, 1554, as a single lady; but, on her marriage with Philip of Spain, the 25th of July, 1554, from that time to the day of her death, it was thus reckoned:-July25th,1554, to July 24th, 1555, the first and second; 25th July, 1555, to 24th July, 1556, the second and third; 25th July, i666, to 24th July, 1557, third and fourth; 25th July, 1557' to 24th July, 1558, fourth and fifth; 25th July, 1558, to 17th Nov. 1558, fifth and sixth. In this reckoning, the brief rule of poor Jane Grey is suppressed, who actually reigned from 6th July, 1553 to 17th July, 1553, a short eleven days.
2 The Poor Law Act of the 43rd of Elizabeth was not yet passed, although the religious houses were dissolved, and their estates confiscated, and granted away. Hence (it appears to me) the mention of the " Poor men's box." Subsequently (in Elizabeth's time), this phrase takes the place of the bequests to saints.
Tradition says, a village existed to the south of the very few houses now remaining in Kingston. I, myself, have seen foundations of buildings, just above high- water mark, on the strand. I am confirmed in the idea being correct (i.e., that houses were about the church, more or less nigh to it,) from a remark made to me about five years since, by the present owner of a large portion of the remains of the parish, Mr. Olliver, of Kingston (who is the head of his family). On the west of his mansion, the high road runs straight south to sea, and at about 200 yards below him, one solitary homestead and yard yet re-main unswallowed up. He said, it was common for the natives to say, when speaking of going to this homestead, "Down Street," although nothing but a few yards of road and land are now between it and the seventy odd miles of water across the Channel. This shows that effects remain when the cause has ceased, even in topography. I learned from him, while on a visit at his hospitable house, many curious statistical facts connected with his estate and his own family, which (of course), without his permission, I cannot state here.

From Sussex Archaeological Collections XII, M.DCCC.LX page 97.
Reproduced by courtesy of the Sussex Archaeological Society (SAS). 
SAS grants this licence for the stated purpose in respect of such rights as SAS may have over the articles, 
but those rights may not include the author's copyright in the words and/or images.

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